A Perfect Vacuum

Is today the last day of my Quarantine?

Last Monday’s Covid test was normal. By Wednesday no symptoms had shown up and so I felt like going out to store fully masked was probably okay. Thursday the masks came off at home and by Saturday Nancy and I had a Costco date in Sequim where we spent way too much money. This was followed by some birdwatching. I really do need a set of small but bright work lights, and a backless swiveling work stool for my workshop.

The place was packed full of Saturday afternoon shoppers - everyone masked and keeping distance. Clallam County and Sequim has been better at getting its citizens vaccinated than many other parts of Washington. We felt a little safer there than going to the Silverdale Costco. We noticed that the majority of shoppers were buying as if Armageddon was right around the corner (or winter, as many were buying sleds. Hurricane Ridge has a nice sledding area and its nearby). I think that the supply chain issues in the news lately may be in part to the sheer unneeded volume of stuff people are more or less panic buying. A year ago it was toilet paper. Now it is pretty much everything. The consumers are vacuuming up everything on the shelves as fast as possible.

Hopefully today’s Covid test will be normal too. My throat is a little raw from singing along with some opera, not to mention occasional wood smoke from peoples’ chimneys. I am still getting mileage from Ivar’s-mectin such as when I got my test this morning. The nurse who administered the test also got a laugh when I pointed out the new work stool stool from Costco in its packaging in my car’s back seat, in case a stool sample was needed. Even though it was a sunny day, she said that the badly needed humor was very well appreciated on a Monday morning.

The birdwatching up in Sequim is always interesting. We saw Ruddy Ducks and American Widgeons up by 3 Crabs (one of the eBird hot spots). There was a large flock of Cackling Geese in a field near Port Williams. We also saw some Snow Geese in the air above. And then an unusual bird for the area, named Sarah.

Around here we have been seeing Pacific Loons and Oyster Catchers.

Tomorrow its back to the challenges of finishing these flutes in my queue, continuing to reorganize my workshop, more research on glass and glass working techniques, and figuring out how I will move this mill to my workshop. I think I will probably dismantle it entirely, leaving its heavy base as a single item to move. If I can get it to 450 pounds or less this is doable by myself with maybe Nancy helping me.

Oyster Catchers on the south end of Indian Island

Pacific Loons off Suqamish

Ruddy Duck up at 3 Crabs - these stayed in-shore

American Widgeons - there was a large flight of these that came in for a landing at 3 Crabs

Cackling Geese near Port Williams. These have the sweetest sounding calls

Sarah and I. This sweet bird is as old as my daughter Lila. Both Nancy and I got to have her on our shoulders for a few fun moments.