Keep Clam

A letter from the CEO of Ivar's


Thanks for this note and the clever application of natural sciences to a natural problem.  Our flounder would be proud of you.

Let’s set lunch at Acres of Clams when you get time away from your labs and tests with consumers.

Keep Clam,


I just wanted to make sure that the friendly folks at the real Ivar’s in Seattle were okay with my abuse of their good name. Apparently he forwarded this to everyone who works for Ivar’s minutes after its arrival. Generallt it has been a tough time during Covid for all restaurants. Bib reported that this bit of humor about Ivars-mectin put a badly needed smile on everyones’ face - especially for a Monday morning - and he encouraged me to further our reporting of it. He might regret that when our hostile takeover strategy is revealed in the next few days. BMI (Beer Milkshake Industries) is affectionately nicknamed by our competitors as “The Borg” for a good reason.

We Own Everything. Resistance Is Futile.