Keeping Clam

Echinoderm Nerds Unite

Just a brief mention that the Ivar’s-mectin discussion might go viral or suddenly extinct if the real Ivar’s objects. I sent a note to them. Hopefully they will love it and offer me free fish and chips for life. I mentioned the total lack of one of their fish bars on this side of Pungent Sound.

Paid Subscribers are starting to show up at The Winter Nurse Journal of woodwind making so I need to ge some content up there this week. Somewhere I have an old 1983 vintage slide show of my flute making on the Atlas 6” lathe. That would be a good start.

Saturday I spent the day with some 70 echinoderm nerds at the PaleoSociety’s Echinoderm Short Course. Most of it I can watch later, if I want to. I am still appalled that many still believe that a stem group of echinoderms evolved into Chordates. This has been long since disproven. I wonder if they know about Plate Tectonics. Out of this came the sci-fi novel Crinoid Zombies of Planet Mist that might be something David Meyer and I coauthor. Echinoderms are very hard to kill.

The GeoSociety’s website is more or less frozen so I can’t even load any of today’s talks while everyone else is trying to log on and load up today’s talks. I am dashing off for my Covid test shortly and bringing the trash can down the driveway. Then heading back here to work on a new flute order for a small handed flute teacher just north of me. She also plays weird bagpipes. I make some exceptions. Meanwhile the other flutes are in quarantine until my end-stage test next Monday. Then I can get back to them.

My friends are now all healed. I don’t think I infected anyone and indications are I kept it at bay, thanks to Moderna. It will be nice to kiss my wife again and be in the same room with her. This avoiding each other like the plague is getting really old, fast.