Latest update...

What is this blog about anyway?

Originally I planned to use this blog to primarily report on my progress with these Glass Flutes. Instead it has become my Facebook replacement and outlet for general verbiage about life as a flute maker. With my recent exposure any progress on glass flutes stopped. Then this last week I immersed myself in science.

I will be getting stuff posted up on my other blog called for now The Winter Nurse Journal this weekend if not sooner, hopefully later today. That blog will have some free posts but will otherwise cost $7 a month for all content. It makes sense to do the updates on my Laurent Flutes progress there as free posts. I need to check but I think this is possible.

”Winter Nurse” is what my cell phone spells out when I say the word “woodturner”. The Journal will feature non-linearly presented articles on Wind Instrument Making techniques and resources. All the fun personal stuff will otherwise be here.

I am starting to list articles to write for the journal. A few are already written and include an old slideshow from the 1980s showing how I used to make flutes, and my old article on plastic bagpipe reed making. There will be interviews with other makers, discussions on woods and prepping them for woodwinds, turning metal rings, making keys, where to find dimensions, etc. There appears also to be interest in 3D Printed woodwinds. I have successfully done that and will cover how, including some simple modifications and what software I use for designing. All of this will be happening soon!

5 more days of at-home social distancing and masking in the commonly used areas. On Monday I get a second test which will hopefully be negative. Apparently it takes just 2 minutes of exposure to someone with the Delta Variant to catch it, even with a breakthrough infection. Thus indoor concerts or dining or schooling are risky if the number of people is large, the duration of contact is long, and masks are off. Remember that the masks themselves are not 100% effective. Be careful out there!

Oh yes - I can set posts to be free, or for paid subscribers only when I create and publish the posts. I love Substack!!!

I am posting this on my blog first - I’ll have a few more things to report later. Generally then I will start sending these out to my subscriber list around a consistent time after dinner.

Well I saw some Oystercatchers south of Port Townsend on the SW end of Indian Island this afternoon. About a dozen of them. From a distance these looked like fat crows and were even a bit bigger. Enjoy!