The Anti-vaxxer and the Engineer

The End of Quarantine

I have so much to say tonight that I think I’ll just go to bed instead, after a few comments.

I tested negative but Nancy and I are still remaining cautious - masking in common areas, using separate bathrooms and bedrooms until the weekend. I get an all-clear Covid test on Monday. So far no symptoms.

They used to say 15 minutes of exposure was required to catch this. With Delta, the time is 2 minutes! My friend Bob and I were close together working on that mill for longer than that. Having masks on would have reduced my risk of catching it from him.

I did go to TJ’s today. One shopper got a little too close to me and I said something about her proximity. She said “its calming down”. I informed her that I was exposed last week on Monday and this was my first day out since Quarantine. She asked “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” I answered - no symptoms, a negative test on Monday, and my doc saying its okay as long as I mask and socially distance. She moved out of my way - along with others who had no concept of social distancing.

Most are unaware that we are about to start heading up again in the infection rate, thanks to schools full of unvaccinated kids, large sporting events, governors getting rid of masking mandates, concerts and just dumb ignorance. I am worried for the 2500 that attended the GSA in Portland who are all headed back home - some to Europe and other countries.

It was just last month that our hospitals were turning people away due to too many Covid cases.

The Geological Society of America meeting was very interesting. Much will be available as online content for those who paid admission. I look forward to viewing all sorts of fun stuff. In one session on Impacts I got to rub elbows with Walter Alvarez who, with his father Luis, discovered the Iridium layer at Gubbio, Italy at the KT boundary. They found the cause of the Dinosaur extinction. I also ran into one of my old Nemesi - and together we tracked down his partner in crime just today. My friend Johnny and I talked and laughed for hours! I wrote about both in a previous post.

Tomorrow I get back to the flute making. I took on a few more projects that I could fit in immediately. The mill will be moved here next week. I have yardwork this weekend. Am looking forward to relaxation of caution at home Covid-wise. Meanwhile, I just saw this joke tonight, It says it all. Enjoy!

An anti-vaxxer and an engineer are crossing a bridge over a crocodile-infested river.

The anti-vaxxer asks “What are the odds of us making it across the bridge safely?”

The engineer replies “After a careful structural analysis, I calculate a 99.9% chance of crossing this bridge safely.”

The anti-vaxxer then says “Forget it, I’ll swim.”