Welcome to my blog!

When I first discovered Substack, I set about making this blog all about my Laurent Flutes progress. That plan quickly dissolved into something else that is more or less about my daily trials and tribulations, stories, rants, humor, etc. I hope those who are reading this blog are enjoying the content. This particular blog will remain free.

This blog is a better place to write, than Facebook, or by emails if its something I want to share with others. Its also a great place to focus when my mind is generating too much verbiage for my family and friends to parse, which happens every 6 or so weeks thanks to my incurable Cyclothymia cycles.

I have begun another Substack called The Winter Nurse Journal that is only about wind instrument making techniques. I will be posting my Glass Flute Making updates there as free posts. Most of the content will require a paid subscription. See woodwindmaking.substack.com. The name “Winter Nurse” comes from my iPhone. “Woodturner” auto corrects to “Winter Nurse”.

Note that I have left comments open on this blog, so comment away. However, don’t expect me to respond to any of them. Be nice people - save the arguing for Facebook.

Subscribers have access to an archive of the articles, in case you want the full immersion into my life. The other perk is that you get it in your email inbox. Maybe not every day or even week - I’ll sometimes skip a week if I am simply not feeling like it. The Winter Nurse Journal will be weekly only - and reliably. I am writing content ahead of time so that becomes possible. But here, I am letting my hair down.

Have Fun and as my new friend Bob says, Keep Clam.


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